Reasons for Deportation

While there are many different types of crimes that could form the basis for a deportation, the most common ones tend to be:

  • Drug offenses (possession or sale)
  • Sex offenses (including sexual abuse of a minor or endangering the welfare of a child)
  • Weapons possession (including possession of a firearm)
  • Theft offenses (including burglary and robbery)
  • Aggravated felonies (including murder, rape, and drug trafficking)
  • Crimes involving moral turpitude (including petit larceny)
  • Domestic violence (including stalking)
  • Fraud convictions (including credit card fraud and visa or passport fraud)

If you have ever been convicted of any of the above crimes (or any other) it is in your best interest to speak with an immigration attorney. Although you may believe a particular conviction was considered “a simple violation” or “a misdemeanor,” or that it occurred many years ago, it could still negatively impact your immigration status, even if you are already a U.S. Lawful Permanent Resident. Your ability to work and remain in the United States could be in jeopardy. Further, you may be denied re-entry into the U.S. after even a brief absence.

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