Success Stories


Local counsel advised an abused spouse, who had self-petitioned for lawful permanent residence, to leave the U.S. voluntarily. Since the initial filing of her application, circumstances had changed drastically and the client was happily remarried. No longer subject to the physical, emotional or mental abuse, upon which the petition was based, counsel warned, the application would be denied. The client consulted with our firm in New York, who devised an entirely different strategy, but still based on the initial application. Three weeks later, the client was granted permanent residence.

A Triumphant Win on Appeal for a Foreign Residence Requirement Waiver
Teplen Law Group, PLLC, successfully wins an appeal for a denial on a foreign residence requirement waiver.

Deportation Reversed After Removal From The United States
After having been ordered deported and having been physically removed from the United States, deportation is reversed.

Past Criminal Conviction Amended
Previous criminal conviction reopened and amended to offset the immigration consequences.

Smuggled Alien Is Granted Permanent Residence
“Snakehead” smuggles child into the United States.

Federal Court Concedes Citizenship to Permanent Resident with Criminal Conviction
Lawful permanent resident for thirty years placed in removal proceedings for a crime committed over twenty years ago.

Deportation Avoided Despite Multiple Criminal Convictions
Imminent Removal stayed despite multiple criminal convictions.

Amazing Recapture Time for H-1B
At the end of 6th year in H-1B status (with only one month left before visa expired), client came to Teplen Law Group, PLLC.

Successful Foreign Residence Requirement Waiver for a Persecuted Iranian O-Visa Holder
Teplen Law Group, PLLC, successfully secures a foreign residence requirement waiver for an Iranian client based on a fear of persecution.

Asylum Grant for Democratic Republic of Congo National
Teplen Law Group, PLLC, wins asylum case before immigration judge (who has an 86% denial rate).


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